• The CyberSecurity Arena, with Rishi Joshi

  • Posted on September 27, 2017
  • It is simply the case that Rishi Joshi’s primary motivation for almost everything he does in his life is to help others. It is just what he does. It’s what he has always done, if you look closely at his life and background. His career and his education is in computers and technology, but he works primarily in cybersecurity because he wants to help all of his clients protect their data the best they can. He’s done this for a very long time. Given the prevalence of hacking these days, Rishi wants individuals and organizations to find relief and keep their data secure.

    Overall, Rishi Joshi possesses an exceptional level of skill in many areas of cybersecurity, especially with regard to application software development and infrastructure technologies. However, he also has a high level of security skill when it comes to gaming, e-learning and internet technologies. Rishi Joshi is an innovator in the cybersecurity field and he sees that arena as a growth industry, given that all new technologies will have the potential to be hacked.

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